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K. Stein - Sadomasochism and the BDSM Community in the United States by Stephen
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28.04.2021, 08:06
Автор: K. Stein
Язык: eng
Издательство: Taylor and Francis
Жанр: sex
Год: 2020
Формат: pdf
Размер: 59 мб

At the March on Washington, about 700 people marched behind the “SM-Leather Contingent” banner. Hundreds of other members of leather and BDSM organizations, such as Briar Rose founder Jan Hall, marched with their local lesbian and gay organizations or other parade contingents. Participants observed “safe, sane, consensual” t-shirts scattered among marchers, along with lots of leather, but no chains, whips or other overt indications of BDSM. While they represented just a fraction of the 200,000 marches, the Leather Contingent nonetheless demonstrated the growing size and cohesion of the BDSM community. Barry Douglas proclaimed the weekend “an overwhelming affirmation or our rights, freedoms, values, and joys.” Sadomasochists should “no longer be ashamed.” They had assumed their “rightful position at the forefront of the gay movement.”28

Скачать K. Stein - Sadomasochism and the BDSM Community in the United States by Stephen

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